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cuichu showcased MagnaSignTM, PRINT-n-STICKTM and EazyStickerTM at the PMA'09 International Convention.

PictureBusiness Magazine has lauded cuichu MagnaSignTM  magnetic photo/vehicle sign as one of the "Two Nifty New Retail Print Apps"




MagnaSignTM Video Demo


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"Just like printing on a sheet of regular photo paper!"

Video Demo


Making magnetic photo/vehicle sign is "as easy as 1-2-3"!


Print Instructions

We recommend that you print a draft copy on a blank sheet of paper before you print on the MagnaSignTM photo/vehicle sign to make sure that you have chosen the right printer settings:
1. Follow printer instructions for loading legal size paper;
2. Load one sheet at a time; (For color laser printers, you might want to manually feed the MagnaSignTM photo/vehicle sign through the manual feeder);
3. Open the printer property window from the printer menu;
4. Select "Legal" for paper size in the printer property window;
5. Select "Thick Paper" or "Card Stock" for paper type in the printer property window;
6. Select "Normal" for print quality;
7. Click "Print" to start printing.

*For inkjet printouts, please avoid rain or heavy fog for at least 48 hours.

*For more detailed discussions, please see FAQs.

Applying MagnaSignTM Photo/Vehicle Sign onto the vehicle Surface


1. Clean up the surface of you vehicle's metal body where you want to apply the sign;

2. Press the signs on gently and make sure that all edges are in good contact with the vehicle.

3. Avoid surfaces with sharp angles or curvatures.


*For more detailed discussions, please visit FAQs.




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