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cuichu showcased MagnaSignTM, PRINT-n-STICKTM and EazyStickerTM at the PMA'09 International Convention.

PictureBusiness Magazine has lauded cuichu MagnaSignTM  magnetic photo/vehicle sign as one of the "Two Nifty New Retail Print Apps"






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Q: Do I need any special software or printer to print on MagnaSignTM ?

A: No.  The MagnaSignTM prints just like a piece of special paper (see print demo), and works with most desktop printers.  You can just use existing software on your computer to print on inkjet or color laser printer.  But you might want to choose "thick paper" or "card stock" option when selecting the paper source for the printer.  Also for some large format printers, please make sure there are no metal parts in the printing paper path so the MagnaSignTM could move freely.  If in doubt, please do a test by feeding a sheet through the printer without actual printing.


Q: Is there any performance difference between color laser printers and inkjet printers on MagnaSignTM ?

A: The MagnaSignTM works on MOST color laser printers (with thick paper or card stock media options), yielding excellent fade-resistance and water-fastness.  In the meantime, The MagnaSignTM works on ALL inkjet printers without metallic paper path, while performance on fade-resistance and water-fastness might vary with different inkjet printer model as well as ink cartridges used (e.g. pigment-based vs. dye-based inkjet printers; brand name vs. generic ink cartridges). 



For Color Laser Printers


Q: Will the MagnaSignTM go through my color laser printer?

A: Most desktop color laser printers are designed to print thick paper or card stock media. The MagnaSignTM has an average thickness of 0.4 mm and should be able to run through most color laser printers.  But please make sure there are no metal parts in the printing paper path so the MagnaSignTM could move freely.  If in doubt, please do a test by feeding a sheet through the printer without actual printing.  It has been tested that the MagnaSignTM works very well with many advanced business printers/copiers like the Konica Minolta bizhub C360 color laser copier.  But for some machines, such as the Xerox DocuColor 240, auxiliary equipment such as the professional finisher might need to be temporarily disconnected.


Q: Why does the color prints on MagnaSignTM look "faded" on my color laser printer?

A: Because MagnaSignTM has different surface properties from regular paper, you need to use the "thick paper" or "card stock" option when selecting the paper source for the printer.  In addition, for some printers such as the Konica Minolta CF3102 combo printer/copier, you might want to adjust the "density" option accordingly.  Please reference your specific printer manual for more information.      



For Inkjet Printers


Q. How long would the inkjet print on the MagnaSignTM last before it fades?

A: The MagnaSignTM is made of special receptive coatings that ensure the best fade resistance from most inkjet printers. The actual fade time will vary depending on the brand and type of printer as well as its condition of use.  In general, pigmented ink will last substantially longer than dye based ink.  HP Vivera ink also last substantially longer than Lexmark Z series


Q: How to get a water-fast print from inkjet printer?

A: The water-fastness depends on the ink and the receptive coatings. Once printed, the dyes in the ink will slowly react with the chemicals in the coating and eventually get fixed.  Try not to use “photo printing” mode when excess dyes that do not fully react with coatings might easily be washed off when getting in contact with water. In addition, please allow enough time after printing before it exposes to wet weather.

The MagnaSignTM is coated with special receptive coatings that will gradually react with the dyes or pigments in the ink to provide water fast prints.  Because the reaction proceeds slowly, so it usually takes up to 48 hours before all the dyes and pigments fully react with the coatings.


Q: Is the MagnaSignTM compatible with pigmented ink?

A: The MagnaSignTM is made of special receptive coatings that can be printed with dye or pigmented inks to provide vibrant colors and best fade resistance.


Q: Can the MagnaSignTM be cleaned?

A: Although the MagnaSignTM is waterproof, washing with water or detergent is not recommended. You can use a dry cloth to gently wipe off the dust on the surface.  If frequent cleaning is needed, You might want to laminate it with a clean piece of vinyl.


Q: Can the MagnaSignTM be laminated with clean vinyl?

A: Laminating with clean vinyl is recommended if frequent cleaning or longer service life is needed.  Please allow at least 24 hours after printing before applying a layer of laminate.


Black and White (B/W) Laser Printers

Q: Can I use B/W laser printer to print on MagnaSignTM?

A: B/W laser printers are usually NOT recommended as black toner may not be fully fused resulting in duplicated images.  However MagnaSignTM has worked pretty well on many newer model B/W laser printers such as the Xerox Phaser Series.



Vehicle and Highway


Q: Will the MagnaSignTM damage the surface of my car?

A: No.  The MagnaSignTM has utilized a super-thin layer of magnetic materials, and has the average thickness of just 0.4 mm.  Since It is attached to your car by the magnetic forces, it will not cause damage to the surface of your car.  However you would need to clean your car surface first, and also use care and caution while placing on or taking off the MagnaSignTM.


Q: Will the MagnaSignTM get blown off on highways?

A: The MagnaSignTM is made from high intensity magnet that will firmly stick to your vehicle at the speed of up to 80 mph.  But you need to make sure that the surface is flat and clean before putting on the sign.



Use of Magnetic Sheet Near Magnetically sensitive materials


Q: Is it safe to use the product with or near a magnetically sensitive materials, such as VCR/audio tapes, computer recording materials and similar devices?

A: The flexible magnetic sheet has a thickness range of 0.010” to 0.06” and is commonly magnetized with alternating magnetic poles on one surface only – that surface is much stronger than the other. The standard magnetic field, even on the thickest materials, is only at a magnitude of 100 Gauss (or Oersteds) at a distance of 1/16” from the surface and drops off even more dramatically at 1/8”.

Tape materials which is used to record information has magnetic properties similar in nature to flexible magnets but the unit of Hci is usually higher. This unit of magnetic measurement is called the "demagnetizing force” as this is the level required to completely demagnetize the materials. For recording media, this is typically in the range of 3,000-40,00O Oersteds or greater.

Since flexible magnet produces approximately 100 Oersteds at 1/16” from its surface, you can be assured that no adverse effects will take place on recording media.


Q: Are special shipping requirements needed?

A: MagnaSignTM is a flexible magnetic sheet that will meet or exceed FAA guidelines for air shipments since the leakage factor is very low. It should be noted on documentation accompanying air shipments “NON HAZARDOUS MATERIALS: Does not meet the definition of Magnetized Materials Per IATA 902”.




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